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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New wizard101 worlds

  9 New Worlds Discovered: Read More

It seems everyone is talking about 2 worlds: Polaris and Mirage. But what about the other worlds? Throughout the game, many worlds have been hinted in dialogue, but what does this mean? Were these hints just fake worlds that KingsIsle added into the story to create a background, or does it maybe mean something more? We explore the origins and first hints of each of the 9 worlds below. (we are still working on the article)


look at the small orb just above the ship, now look at this photo

yeah thats the thing in the orb!
Dalia Falmea - The Fire Professor at Ravenwood, Dalia Falmea is seen as very suave and polite towards her students. On occasion, she is called "The Fire Lady" by Manders and Water Moles. She can also become very serious, especially with issues in the Spiral. It is currently unknown where she is from, but it is possible she is from the world of Darkmoor as she addresses herself as "Madame" in the beginning and there is a character in the upcoming Pirate 101 game who goes by Madame Vladima who is from Darkmoor and bears a similar appearance to Falmea. In other theories she is an elf from Avalon (considered by her ears) but still is not known how she gained her height. 
but this does not HAVE to be darkmoor


Polaris was first hinted in Zafaria, when a lady named Tala SnakeSquasher mentions the worlds Marleybone, Mooshu, Avalon, and Polaris. Ever since, it seems Polaris hasn't stopped being talked about. Even many experts on Wizard101 believe this will be the next world, bus as of now, KingsIsle hasn't released and information on Polaris or if it will be the next world. However, that hasn't stopped many from still talking about it. Much fun and imagination has been stirring in the minds of Wizard101 fans everywhere about Polaris, but many agree that the world will most likely be a winter related world, many say, due to it's root word "Polar", meaning extremely cold, even though there is already a cold-based world, Wintertusk. More info and talk about what is being said about Polaris can be found in the links below.
Polaris pictures!


Mirage, like Polaris, seems to also be a very popular topic on the next Wizard101 world. The first mentioning of the World Mirage was in Wysteria, a Wizard101 side world. Mentioned by Nalia Dunestrider as her native world, Mirage would most likely appear to be a India-based world, due to Nalia's accent and appearance, and even, some say, her name. Even though many insist that Polaris will be the next world due to it's mentioning after Avalon by Tala SnakeSquasher, there are many who also say that Mirage will definitely be a world eventually because of the relevance of Sultan's Palace, a Castle very similar to what many imagine Mirage would be like. Chances are the inhabitants of this world would be Persian cats, because that is that Nalia was. Even though there is a desert-based world, Krokotopia, Mirage reflects more of a India-based background. More information and talk on Mirage can be found in the links below.
Mirage pictures!


We don't have much information on Empyrea, but what we do know is its origin. In Wysteria, during the quest Shopping List in Wysteria, you are asked to visit Geoffrey Spellsmith, and from him you have to obtain "Rainbow Ink form a Sky-squid", and Geoffrey notes that he got a new order in from Empyrea that day. So that is all most of us have to base Empyrea, but that still doesn't stop Wizards' imagination! One idea from a user named kublai987 on the Wizard101 Official Site Forums talked about how Empyrea could be a world based on Roman/Greek things, and some of the inhabitants could be Cyclops, Roman/Greek Soldiers, and for an enemy, Orthrus. Even though we have a single dialogue box to base our ideas off of, many Wizards still make ideas for this world. Other ideas for Empyrea can be found in the links below.
Empyrea pictures!

mentioned in tower of the helephant wysteria

A couple ofworlds have been mentioned in Wizard101. These worlds could possibly becomepart of the storyline later on:
Mirage -Seems to be an Arabian-style world (the Mega-Bundle house Sultan's Palace maybe from Mirage).
Empyrea -Seems to be a sky world.
Yago -Seems to be a space and Fire world.
Nodor -Seems to be an Ice World. Woolly Mammoths originate from Nodor, and this may beanother Grizzlehiem world
Candyworld - Lydia Greyrose is from this world.
Polaris -Seems to be an Ice World. Mentioned in Zafaria and MooShu (quests beforeAvalon).
Nelgoto -Seems to be a world based of Vinece, and in includes a acadmey for the most ofpowerful students.
Gobblerton- Seems to be the home place of the gobblers. This place is mentioned by theking of the gobblers in Colossus boulevard.
Darkmoor - Mentioned in the story of the sister gamePirate101
Aquila -Mentioned in the story of the sister game, Pirate101
Polaris -Also mentioned to be in Pirate101

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  1. Hello, I'm going to need you to please remove the photos you took without permission from me, or provide a prominent link to my blog, please. Thank you!

  2. And which one are they cause i just took em of google images

  3. I always thought Morganthe was queen of the shadow-web?, shouldn't a world called Shadow-Web or maybe a world with an area called Shadow-Web. It Could be a giant garden with snail-people and Pondskaters and Anthills and a queen bee at war with the ant queen, just ideas.

    And A weird and unique world like this fits the Sort-Of-Theme that Malistaire Has/d Since his final world is/was a world in ruins and lava with ghosts, dragons and byzantine architecture.

    As For The Worlds Following This Garden-Esque world. Maybe, like grizzleheim and wysteria, Places like Mirage, Candyworld Or Gobblerton Appear As The Level 30, 35 and 40 Worlds.

    There Are Theories That Mirage Is Home To The Sand-Cat People (Like Nalia) And The Panther Like People and may feature Jungle Book references.

    Meanwhile Polaris looks like Russian architecture to me and would be a nice way to use character names like Baba-Yaga or Rasputin or Prince Felix or Anastasia.

    And How about Aquila, Or Empryea. Aquila (a Greek Myth Theme) would be amn exiting kick-off to the story arc after morganthe, but i don't think more roman architecture would suit a final battle world. As for Empryea, a sky world, a land of clouds, Sounds good, and also a fitting opener to the next story-arc due to a new movement method, Wizard City ha us walking, Celestia had us swimming (Azteca haad some of us running away) so Flying may be a welcome idea.

    Darkmoor would be difficult to make original, it's been speculated that Darkmoor is a world of classic horror like Were-wolves, zombies, vampires. most of which have been done, so a new horde of undead designs would be good to see.

    Nelgoto is quite a common idea, And the whole idea of city based worlds is also common with the New-Orleans style world drawing decent attention.

    I Think that
    Nelgoto - The Master School Thing, Maybe Next Story Arc
    Nodor - Should Remain Cameo
    Darkmoor - Very complex or way to simple
    Empyrea - Flying, not yet
    Aquila - no more greek finales
    Mirage - Maybe, but a Jungle Book based Dramatic ending, i don't think so
    Polaris - Would miss a great final boss opportunity (Rasputin)
    Candyworld - Would make an excellent level 30/35 Sideline world
    Gobblerton - Same as Candyworld
    Overgrown Garden World - Most Likely

    Sorry for ranting, V. Mythcaller

  4. Don't forget about Weirwood. It's mentioned in Wysteria as being home to Beatrice Wildwind. You also deal with goblins and hobgoblins that supposedly come from the world in Pegasus Place. This could be the overgrown garden world.